When did you last consider your ‘How’?


Dangerously Unaware I was starting a new position and had heard about the General Manager’s reputation. He had grown up in his career running manufacturing facilities and had a tough-guy type of approach to leadership. In his new General Manager role, he was leading a corporate function, which required a different leadership style. I remember … Read more

7 Steps To Strengthen Your Leadership Pipeline


What usually happens when you leave something to the last minute? It never turns out as good as it could. The same goes for your leadership talent readiness. Leave it to the last minute, and your company’s leadership talent is not as good as it needs to be. The problem is that companies wait to … Read more

4 Practices to Hack Your Experience Gap


One of the biggest challenges for professionals is gaining the experience needed to land the next position in their career. This mirrors one of the biggest challenges for companies – a pipeline of experienced professionals ready for the leadership positions they are hired into.  A recent Deloitte study* confirms this ‘readiness gap’, with twenty-eight percent … Read more

10 Practices To Help Your Employees Shine During High-Pressure Times


As a leader, you’ve lived through it before — the final push at the end of the quarter or year. It’s all hands on deck to make the numbers in what seems like a wild frenzy to meet customer needs and financial commitments. And don’t forget, the regular work doesn’t stop during this time; you still have … Read more

4 Misperceptions Ruining Your Leadership Potential


As you move up into leadership roles, more is demanded of you.  There’s so much flying at you each day. And, the demands on you are different than they were as an individual contributor.  In the leadership development training I facilitate, I hear rising leaders talk about the challenges of balancing these demands. Once these … Read more

7 Steps You Can Take Now to Retain Millennial Talent


“I work to live.”  You’ve probably heard that phrase uttered among millennials you know.  For this generation, working is a means to be able to live the lifestyle they want, which means, they will move to the job that supports their lifestyle. Big jobs and big pay are lesser priorities for many in this generation. … Read more

Honoring “The Greatest”

Muhammad Ali was not only The Greatest, he was the people’s servant.  He was never too big, too powerful, or too rich to be humble, to love and to connect with people world-wide. That is evident by the outpouring of memorials and visitors from all over the world coming to Louisville, KY to honor him … Read more

5 Motivators of Highly Successful People


Do you often look at the lives of some of the most successful people in the world and wonder how they got there?  What made the difference in their success? I believe my niece Ashley nailed it in her Facebook post: “People see the testimony, but rarely do they realize the tests that had to … Read more

Become an Influencer

Lists of the most influential people in the world are published in magazines such as Time, Esquire, People and others.  These influencers command a lot of attention and often gain our admiration for what they accomplish.  Influential leaders take on some of the biggest challenges in the world. They often stand up against the status … Read more

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