Leadership Development Solutions

In today’s hyper-complex and fast-changing world, leaders and organizations must exhibit resilience, develop cross-functional processes, and work as a united team to achieve improved organizational culture, employee engagement, business outcomes, and financial results. Let Vivian support you in achieving these goals.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a crucial investment in your career growth. Just as the world’s greatest athletes work with coaches, you can benefit from partnering with Vivian for personalized and holistic executive leadership development aligned with your goals and organization’s leadership competencies and cultural values. She offers a variety of executive coaching options, and together, you can create a customized solution to achieve your career objectives.

Executive Coaching Solutions Support:

  • Successful Transitions into Executive Leadership Roles
  • Existing Leaders Who Want to Sharpen Leadership Skills
  • High Potential Talent Leadership Development
  • Building Effective Working Relationships
  • Enhancing Performance Effectiveness
  • Managing Direct Reports
  • Navigating Corporate Politics
  • Navigating Your Leadership Career Path
Vivian Coaching

Leadership Team Coaching

Transform your team into a high-performing, high-value creating force with greater influence and credibility. Team coaching enables you to achieve greater resilience, enhance operational performance, create high-value partnerships, and deliver stronger business outcomes. Through exploration of collective performance issues, your team can recognize and manage influences on its performance, now and in the future.

Leadership Team Coaching Support:

  • Capacity Building for Enhanced Performance Effectiveness
  • Realigning Team Purpose and Values
  • Strengthening Working Relationships
  • Becoming High-Performing & High-Value Creating

Leadership Skill Development

Transform your leadership efforts and build resilient teams with Vivian’s energizing programs tailored to your specific corporate culture. Don’t let a lack of capable leadership bench strength hinder your company’s innovation and progress, or put you at risk during the next crisis. Vivian can inspire you or your team’s leadership skill development through cohort programs, on-site workshops, and webinars, offering a variety of options to meet your needs.

Leadership Skill Development Support:

  • Developing the Foundational Leadership Skills Needed
  • Capacity Building to Effectively Lead Inclusive Teams
  • Reducing and Mitigating Employee Turnover
  • Improving Quality of Service and Exceeding Customer Expectations
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Vivian Blade provided an engaging and transformational workshop on Authentic Leadership for the Cardinal Leadership Institute at the University of Louisville. Her book Influence in Talent Development served as the textbook for this segment of the Institute, and her interactive presentation on authentic influence made the material tangible and easily-applicable. “Excellent”….”life-changing”…”a highlight of the Institute”…were some of the accolades provided by the leader participants. Her vibrant energy and thoughtful materials provided the model for authentic influence-building.

Ann Herd, Associate Clinical Professor, University of Louisville

During the team session, Vivian engaged the team and tailored her presentation to meet our needs based on what I shared with her during our pre-session meeting. My team was as excited about the session as I was, and everyone walked away with actionable ideas they could begin using in their work.

Alan M. Dale

Vivian is such a pleasure to work with! She is a highly adept active listener who is uniquely tuned in to the challenges in a situation and helps those she is partnering with arrive at an effective solution. Her professionalism and interpersonal skills are second to none and collaborating with her has made my work both more successful and more enjoyable!

Vicky Stevens, M.Ed, ODCP

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