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Are you resilient?

Ineffective crisis leadership of your operations and, most importantly, your human capital will cripple your organization. The dysfunction, disengaged employees, suffering productivity and dismal operational performance that result can create a crucial gap.

Resilience Ready closes this gap. Vivian shows how resilient teams can…

  • Rally around a meaningful Purpose with a positive, “can do” Perspective. 
  • Pull together in Partnership to Persevere against all odds. 
  • Accomplish more in a culture of Praise. 
  • Overcome the overwhelm, recover quickly, and get faster results!
Vivian Blade-18 Resilience Ready

Resilience Ready is the leader’s guide to thriving through unrelenting adversity, uncertainty, and change. Your toolkit includes the five Resilience Ready Principles with lessons learned from real stories of resilience. You will have access to best practices and resources to guide you in how to build your personal resilience and how to lead with the resilience your team needs so that stronger, more humane leaders and organizations emerge.

Resilience Ready is something we all need to be in these challenging times. Vivian Blade has written a book that will enable you to achieve that. She offers stories, counsel and techniques that will encourage and equip you.”

Mark Sanborn, President, Sanborn & Associates, Inc.

Resilience is an ongoing journey.

Becoming skilled at resilience requires your commitment to learning and working at the Resilience Ready Principles when you are not in a crisis. Your muscle memory must be able to kick in as crises confront you.

Based on her popular book, Resilience Ready: The Leader’s Guide to Thriving Through Unrelenting Crises, this hands-on companion resource guides you through putting the five Resilience Ready Principles into action today, enabling you to build your resilience skill in real time.

The Resilience Ready Workbook is a must-have step-by-step guide to process your reflections on the Consider This activities throughout the Resilience Ready book and the Rapid Start Activities at the end of each chapter for the Resilience Ready Principles. As a bonus, additional application activities are introduced only in this workbook to help you Deepen Your Readiness.

Elevate your impact through influence skills.

At work, we often find ourselves in situations where we can and do influence others. We are negotiators, persuaders, conciliators, and maybe intermediaries and mediators. While there used to be little to no emphasis placed on developing these skills, organizations now recognize the ability to influence as critical for effective employee relations and productivity.

Engage the principles in Vivian’s book, Influence in Talent Development, to build your influence among your colleagues and employees, and you will be more effective at getting things done with others. Part of the ATD Soft Skills Series, Influence in Talent Development examines the growing importance of personal influence at work and its impact on your relationships, career, and organizational success. Vivian shares what it means to influence in general and in the talent development context and shares a framework of five powerful principles at work to guide and expand influence: social capital, courage, authenticity, passion, and engagement.

Your roadmap to jump-start your career.

Where do you want to be in five years, and how will you get there? Professionals often get the same advice to “keep your head down and work hard” to get promoted. But, if you’re not aware of the most impacting factors on your career advancement, you can’t influence these blind spots that are constantly at work. FuelForward® uncovers the secrets to accelerate your moves to the top in your career so that you can live the life of your dreams.

Vivian shares a guide to take your career to new levels. Learn from executives at the highest levels about how they made it to the top. Recognize the gaps in the PIE (Performance, Image, Exposure) model and how the misperceptions about PIE are holding you back. Acquire often unknown, high impact strategies to transform your career success.

Readers of FuelForward® will:

  • Understand the fundamental principles needed to be in the career game.
  • Discover the FuelForward® accelerators to help you move up and achieve career success.
  • Acquire often unknown, high impact strategies to engage the FuelForward® Accelerators to your personal career management.

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