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I was chatting with a former colleague about how things were going with family and at work. She’s been with her current employer for about seven or eight years now. When I asked her about her next career move, I was a little surprised about the focus of her response. She said, “I’m going to … Read more

Partnership: 5 Ways influence can build it

As spring emerges and Daylight Savings ends, the air begins to warm, the trees bloom, and tulips stretch their beautiful petals to soak in the sun. Even though I don’t like them buzzing around me, the bees go from flower to flower, pollinating the beauty of the season. Partnership 5 Ways Influence Can Build It. … Read more
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The daffodils and crocuses of early spring are soon joined by tulips and primroses, bringing vibrant colors, a variety of shapes, and depth to gardens. The plants grow together and bloom at different times and in different ways. This garden is nurtured, watered, and groomed with tender care to maintain its elegance and embrace its … Read more
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4 Ways to Practice Empathy at Work to Build Partnership

I love spring! The days are getting a little longer, adding a few more minutes of radiating sunshine each day. Daffodils and crocuses spring up from the thawing ground, almost out of nowhere. These bulbs have endured harsh winter conditions. Yet with the help of the sun, nutrients and rain, they bloom again, showcasing the … Read more

Take Action: 3 Tips to Gain Momentum

Look and listen around your office. Does your team look energized or burnt out? Are their faces stressed or happy? Do they speak with confidence or complain? Are your employees looking to grow with the company, or do they have one foot out the door? The workforce and the workplace are evolving at hyperspeed.    Perseverance, … Read more

Ready to Get Unstuck? 2 Actions to Take Now

Keep your vision uppermost in your mind to keep you focused on the most important actions. #ResilienceReady Do you remember taking a road trip before we had the modern luxury of navigation systems in our vehicles? Unfolding the bulky maps, trying to find your location, wondering if the map was turned the right way, panicking, … Read more
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Perseverance – It’s Not What You Think

Just like many of you, I learned my work ethic and values from my parents. No doubt, I wouldn’t be where I am today without their consistent, compassionate, and unwavering prayers and encouragement. Everyone deserves a cheerleader in their formative years! But as I matured and my career evolved, I had to tap into the … Read more

3 Tips to Align Your Resources for Success in 2024

Employees leave their jobs because they are missing a connection to both personal and professional purpose. #ReslienceReady It’s Monday. You walk into work, yet again, uncertain about what the day or week will bring. In ever-changing times like we’re experiencing now, customer needs and how they need your organization often shift. Recalibrating purpose and priorities … Read more

Stuck in ‘Meh’? 4 Actions to Turn It Around

“We have so much going on in the world from a political, social, and economic lens that many of us are feeling the sense of continuing to languish or the sense of ‘meh’.” — Michael Davis, Principal, Mind Share Partners Blurred Vision from Challenges As you navigate through a challenge, it’s common to experience a … Read more
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WHY – Your Catalyst to Success in 2024

Engage employees in reshaping your purpose to get the best ideas and to grow commitment for the difficult journey ahead. #ResilienceReady “I rarely get excited to go in to work anymore. I don’t feel like my work matters anyway. Does anybody even notice?” Have you heard these words before? Maybe from someone on your team? … Read more

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