5 Actions to Take Right Now to Achieve Peak Career Resilience


By its very definition – a crisis is a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger. Does that sound familiar?  Covid has certainly been difficult, troubling and dangerous – and not just for health reasons. Organizations, teams and individuals have been in a constant state for flux for over 18 months, with false starts to … Read more

Career Resilience for Women – 5 Actions to Take Now


A crisis throws you many curve balls. The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. It’s changed practically everything. You’ve had to adapt on a dime, including in your career. Here are three significant trends women still need to watch out for… A Tight Job Market The impact of layoffs and furloughs is still being felt by … Read more

“No Excuses” Monthly Guide to Transforming My Career


Count the number of times you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to be more intentional about working on your career. By the end of January, work and life have gotten so busy, you haven’t done anything. ‘My career’ gets pushed farther down on your to-do list. Contributing to the problem is the fact that you … Read more

Women of Color Navigating the Career Environment: Using Male Dominated Strategies to “FuelForward”


By: Vonya Hodrick & Vivian Blade Published by: National Career Development Association (NCDA) The article, Women of Color Navigating the Career Environment: Using Male Dominated Strategies to “FuelForward”, by Vonya Hodrick & Vivian Blade, originally appeared in NCDA’s web magazine, Career Convergence, at www.ncda.org. Copyright © June 2019. Reprinted with permission. The career environment is complex, with formal … Read more

Why are Women So Underrepresented in Leadership?


You see it around you. And, you’ve experienced it yourself. When you look at the leadership ranks of many companies, women are largely underrepresented. In fact, the latest study by LinkedIn.org and McKinsey on Women in the Workplace found that women continue to miss opportunities to be promoted into their first leadership roles early in … Read more

Leadership Warning Signs


Recently some fellow Forbes Councils members, Tonya Echols and Frances McIntosh, and I combined our segments for a podcast to share our advice on negative leadership traits and how to deal with them. You’ll take away useful techniques to deal with any problematic leaders that you have in your career. As well as learning that “toxic” managers are a … Read more

How to identify when you are stuck in your career (and what to do about it!)


It can be hard to face the reality that you’re either making progress in your career, marking time, or falling behind… And if you’re marking time or falling behind, you’re probably stuck! Here are some “tell-tale” signs that your career may have stalled… If any of these scenarios resonate with you, it’s time to take … Read more

Unprepared for Leadership?


Congratulations, you’ve just been promoted to a management position. Now, what do you do? You’re excited about your new role. But, also a little unsettled because you’re trying to figure things out as you go. Unfortunately, your preparation to step into a leadership role has been minimal to non-existent. Or, given the demands of your … Read more

Not sure where to go in your career?

I remember when I was growing up our travels would often take us through windy, narrow mountain roads. Now those roads have been turned into four-lane highways that make it easier to get to your destination quicker and more efficiently. Sometimes your career can feel like those old narrow mountain roads. You can’t see the … Read more