Tip #2 – Huge Success in 2023

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This statistic may surprise you – only about 8 to 9% of people who make a New Year’s #resolution actually follow through. You, like so many, use the new year for a fresh start. You pause to consider what you want to accomplish in the year ahead. How can you improve your odds of success?  … Read more

3 steps to Increase your Courage and Influence in HR

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Since the pandemic, HR’s chair at the table is being pushed back, as many of those issues aren’t as pressing as they were before. Now, commanding leaders’ attention are the continued supply chain shortages, inflation, and day-to-day operational issues that arise.  Perceptions of HR’s effectiveness in dealing with the pandemic did improve in the HR … Read more

3 Keys to Building Authentic Influence

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While I don’t care for reptiles, chameleons are beautiful and interesting ones. They can change their skin color for regulating body temperature or protection. They also possess a long, projectile tongue used to catch their prey.  Can you think of someone who reminds you of a chameleon? They change opinions with the wind (based on … Read more

3 Ways to Boost Your Influence Without Authority

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“This is a relationship culture, but it’s hard to break in.” “As a Talent Development professional, people in other parts of the business don’t really think of me as a partner. Our relationships are merely transactional.” “If you don’t have the title, influence is hard to come by in this environment.” These are some of … Read more

10 Ways to Effectively Lead in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

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Even in the best of times a leader’s job is challenging. But of course this isn’t the best of times. We’re continually forced to adapt and change faster than we’ve ever had to before.  Work-from-home or return-to-office? Hybrid or not? How we manage all of this will impact our ability to retain and attract top … Read more

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