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She was working at her desk when the phone rang. It was “the call” no employee wants. Vivian received the news that she was being laid off from a nearly 13-year career with one of the world’s most respected companies.

She was moving up in her career path. She had a bright future in leadership. What did this mean? How could this be happening?

Change was a regular occurrence at her company, but receiving “the call” still felt personal. However, such decisions are not personal and everyone faces difficult business choices. Vivian had to put into practice what she had helped her team previously navigate, but this time it was for her.

Resilience is crucial to getting through a crisis without it absorbing your psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical, or financial well-being.

Recognized as one of Engagedly’s Top 100 Global HR Influencers and one of the Most Influential HR Voices by Nestor, and a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) by the National Speakers Association, Vivian Blade is a sought-after leadership expert and thought leader. She works with the world’s top brands to build better, more resilient workplaces, equipping leaders to solve the pressing burnout, turnover, and workplace culture challenges your company is struggling with right now. Her impact is felt as a frequent keynote speaker for association conferences, podcast host, and in delivering transformative leadership development programs, executive coaching and team coaching, and consulting for corporations.

After a successful 20-year career with Fortune 100 companies, Vivian launched her leadership consulting practice after facing her own crisis. Drawing on her business, finance, and leadership experience, she now coaches aspiring and established leaders in building high-performance, high-quality, and high-service level organizations. Vivian is also an adjunct faculty member at the University of Louisville College of Business. She is the recognized Resilience expert for the University of Louisville’s Project on Positive Leadership, and serves on its Board of Advisors.

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Resilience requires willpower and stamina to persevere through challenges. Vivian believes that resilience is not a fixed state, but rather a journey that requires practice. She developed the Resilience Ready Principles to help others build their resilience and navigate crises by rebuilding their inner strength.

Vivian is an accomplished author, having written several books that provide practical guidance for professionals. Her book, Resilience Ready offers leaders insights on thriving through adversity, uncertainty, and change. Vivian’s Influence in Talent Management focuses on scaling this crucial skill for greater impact. FuelForward, highlights the unwritten rules for career success. She is also a contributor to two books published by the Association for Talent Development: Find Your Fit and Work the Problem. Vivian’s thought leadership and articles have been featured in numerous professional, industry, and business publications, and her published books have helped thousands of professionals succeed.

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