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That’s how Vivian Blade’s speaking sessions have been described!

If your corporate event, industry or professional association desires a high-quality, dynamic speaker, Vivian’s programs can be presented as conference keynotes and workshops as well as leadership and professional development programs to suit your unique and custom needs.

Vivian’s programs provide actionable insights for business, HR, and industry leaders to motivate teams, reignite company culture, and build resilience.

Her most requested programs include:

Building Better Workplaces: How to Reverse Quiet Quitting & Reenergize Engagement

Reenergize engagement and combat “Quiet Quitting” in your organization by adopting best practices from top-rated workplaces. Gallup’s research suggests that at least 50% of the US workforce falls into the category of Quiet Quitters, with only one-third of workers considering themselves engaged. These employees may be present physically, but are not fully invested or performing at their highest level. Without intervention, absenteeism, healthcare costs, turnover, and subpar outcomes will increase. How can your organization break this cycle and move towards greater resilience and success? Vivian offers solutions.

Attendees will:

  • Reign in potential causes of Quiet Quitting within their organization.
  • Better manage the effects of ongoing change, operational challenges, and daily disruptions.
  • Apply approaches used by the best places to work to reenergize engagement.

HR‘s Seat at the Table: How to Get It and Keep It

Elevate your influence and credibility by securing a seat at the table as a valued strategic business partner. In the current business climate, HR’s role is crucial in guiding organizations through the uncertainty of the Future of Work. However, HR is often excluded from significant strategic decision-making, hindering their ability to influence the direction of the organization. How can HR secure a strategic seat at the table and strengthen their impact? Vivian will show you.

Attendees will:

  • Identify key drivers keeping HR outside of the inner circle.
  • Discover best practices successful HR leaders use to gain a strategic Seat at the Table.
  • Be prepared to show up as the strategic HR partner business leaders need.

Unlocking Potential: 5 Essential Keys to Future-Proof your business

To succeed in today’s rapidly changing work environment, business leaders must prioritize the right areas. As the Future of Work evolves, organizations that fail to adapt and reinvent will struggle to survive. Vivian examines key trends shaping the Future of Work and offers insights on the priorities that business leaders must focus on to thrive in today’s business culture.

Attendees will:

  • Recognize the top trends you need to be paying attention to.
  • Identify five non-negotiable priorities for business leaders‘ agenda.
  • Apply strategies to put you in the driver’s seat to reinvent your path forward rather than merely responding to what comes.

Vivian does a wonderful job of providing a safe space where people feel open and can be their authentic selves. She also follows up with recommendations for your specific team based on her observations throughout the session. Overall, we really enjoyed having Vivian speak to our team and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to build resilience and influence in their organization!

Haley Quinn, Sr. Human Resources Manager, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

The learnings and takeaways could not be more timely in our post-pandemic world as we adapt to the hybrid workforce and new team expectations.

George Zombakis, SHRM-CP

Vivian engaged the attendees and the conversation was interactive. The learnings and takeaways will be used straight away in my workspace.

Samuel Moore SHRM-CP

Other popular programs include:

Change creates uncertainty, anxiety, and stress, resulting in difficulties shifting psychologically, emotionally, and productively for you and your team. The American Institute of Stress estimates that stress costs organizations up to $300 billion annually in absenteeism, healthcare, and turnover. Failure to respond effectively to constant change increases negative long-term effects. This hands-on program, based on Vivian’s #1 Amazon best-selling book, Resilience Ready, helps attendees become a better leader in this never-normal environment.

Attendees will:

  • Gain an awareness of their typical response to challenges (Victim, Settling, Surviving, Courageous, Thriving), and explore factors that may be contributing to stress and low morale.
  • Examine how the 5 Resilience Ready Principles framework—Perspective, Purpose, Perseverance, Partnership, Praise—can foster a culture of resilient adaptability in dealing with the greatest challenges, empowering you to Stop Surviving and Begin Thriving.

Whether trying to sell an idea, take care of customers with excellence, or guide your organization through change, your ability to influence will dictate your success. Whether early career or a seasoned professional, the practices introduced in this workshop will introduce you to the tools necessary to gain more trust and respect, and to elevate your influence and impact at 360º scale – ‘from’ and ‘to’ any level in your organization.

Attendees will:

  • Recognize three mistakes sabotaging their influence and how to avoid them.
  • Discover five practices they can apply today for becoming more respected, more influential, and for having greater impact within your organization.

Learn to recruit and retain top talent by leading with authentic influence. As a leader, authenticity is critical for building better workplaces. With millions of employees leaving their jobs every month, the cost of turnover is high. To create a workplace where people feel valued and want to work, you need to lead differently. Discover how to earn followership as a leader of authentic influence.

Attendees will:

  • Examine the role authenticity plays in influence.
  • Recognize how the Impostor Syndrome and Superiority Complex are undermining their authenticity.
  • Discover three keys to avoiding these two dangerous extremes and, instead, lead with authentic influence.

Discover career strategies used by successful professionals to accelerate career progression and promote a diverse talent pipeline. While many diverse professionals focus on proving themselves as the most capable, promotion decisions are often based on more than just job performance. Empowerment with an environment that embraces unique potential and solutions to navigate workplace politics is essential. Based on research from Vivian’s book, FuelForward, and her Fortune 100 corporate career, she reveals fundamental career mistakes holding diverse professionals back and offers actionable strategies for advancement.

Attendees will:

  • Uncover the fundamental mistake holding them back in their careers.
  • Examine the impact of slower progression on their career and income potential.
  • Acquire little-known, high impact strategies and tools to transform their career success and unlock the path to achieve the career they deserve.

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