Partnership: 5 Ways influence can build it


As spring emerges and Daylight Savings ends, the air begins to warm, the trees bloom, and tulips stretch their beautiful petals to soak in the sun. Even though I don’t like them buzzing around me, the bees go from flower to flower, pollinating the beauty of the season. Partnership 5 Ways Influence Can Build It. It’s a mutual partnership where BOTH flowers and bees benefit from their interactions. One influences the other. 

Do you foster mutually beneficial partnerships with colleagues at work?

In my previous article, I introduced these three steps to help you strengthen your partnerships: 1) Practice empathy, 2) Build diverse, equitable, and inclusive partnerships, and 3) SCALE your Influence.

In this article, we’ll reveal the actions for Step 3) SCALE your Influence.

The formidable force of influence fortifies a partnership. Whether navigating professional realms or personal domains, the ability to wield resilient influence is not simply about exerting authority but nurturing trust and fostering authentic connections. Resilient leaders understand that influence is a collaborative endeavor that seeks to build bridges rather than erect barriers. While crises often necessitate swift decision-making and decisive action, genuine influence operates not through coercion or manipulation but through accumulating shared experiences and cultivating mutual respect.

Resilience InfluenceYour Journey to Becoming Resilience Ready Starts Here is more about how you live rather than what you do. #ResilienceReady

Building Partnership @SCALE

How does influence build partnership and resilience? The 5 Influence with SCALE Principles lay out a blueprint. Here’s how…

1. Social Capital grows from cultivating mutual relationships grounded in empathy, trust, and respect. What are you putting into your relationship bank accounts?

2. Courage helps you step out of your comfort zone. To build partnership, extend a hand to engage individuals or communities that may be unfamiliar to you. You’ll forge new alliances and foster inclusivity.

3. Authenticity starts with knowing yourself and having an ability to remain true to your character while being mindful of what a situation calls for. Learn to be adaptable, not artificial.

4. When you Lean-In With Passion, you channel your energy in alignment with a purpose that is really important for you. Your genuine commitment inspires others to join forces and work toward shared goals.

5. Engaging a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace Community allows you to expand your network to include a diverse array of perspectives, cultures, and expertise. Embracing intersectional diversity fosters innovation and enriches collaborative efforts.

Authentic influence transcends positional power and is earned through genuine engagement and sincere collaboration. Leading with partnership is not just a choice but a responsibility that acknowledges the interdependence of individuals and the collective strength of unified efforts.

Consider This: What is your typical approach to influencing others? What approach do you prefer for others to use to influence you? Is there a difference?

If you want to be resilient, partnership is not just a strategy but a necessity. As the adage goes, “Together we stand, divided we fall.” Resilient leaders recognize that they cannot navigate challenges alone; instead, they leverage the power of partnerships to bolster individual strengths and fortify collective resilience. In the face of adversity, through genuine influence and collaborative efforts, we forge ahead stronger together.

As we conclude this partnership series, download Inspiring Team Resilience. Review ways to engage and discuss partnerships with your team. You can’t do it alone. Resilience is impossible without solid alliances. Do you need my help leading the discussion?

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