HR of the Future – 3 Skills You Must Master

HR of the Future

“Human Capital is the most important form of business capital.” Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., President & CEO, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

I was one of the speakers for the SHRM 2023 Annual Conference & Expo in Las Vegas with 25,000 HR Professionals strong in attendance (more on that later.) The theme of this year’s conference, Drive Change, was focused on the pivotal role the HR profession can and must have in leading this transformational period we’re in. Every trend we’re experiencing now has current and future human capital implications that business leaders must actively manage. Organizations need HR now more than ever to bring your expertise in creating innovative solutions in an era that is so disruptive, yet has so much potential.

On this 75th Anniversary of SHRM, Johnny Taylor’s closing keynote focused on what we can expect over the next 25 years. Human Capital is central to the success of our organizations going forward as the workplace is being reinvented. “Who are the HR professionals that businesses will need in the coming years, Johnny asked?” 

The clarity with which he laid out these expectations gives us a picture of the future of the HR profession. These were so powerful, I wanted to share these with my community in case you were not in attendance.

3 Essential Skills HR Must Master

To be successful in this new never normal, you must be an expert (and recognized as one) in 3 key areas:

  1. Human Expert – Know people – obtain a deep knowledge of and appreciation for who we are as human beings and what people bring to the workplace. When people thrive, organizations can thrive. 
  1. Business expert – Know your organization – how operations really works and how your organization makes money are foundational. Understanding and being able to talk shop and finance at a granular level will allow you to develop and drive innovative human capital strategies.
  1. Culture expert – “HR are the nurturers and custodians of culture.” What is it like to work here? People vote with their feet when culture doesn’t align with their values or expectations. Be very clear in defining and communicating your culture and ensure what people experience is congruent with what is stated. Lead Intentional focus in this area.

Johnny laid out the formula for us: BI (Business Intelligence) + HI (Human Intelligence) = ROI (Return on Investment). It’s the combination that is so powerful.

Growing your expertise in these three areas has a significant impact on your ability to have a meaningful Seat at the Table and credible, influential voice.

Are you ready to be recognized as that HR expert and influential, trusted advisor guiding your organization toward the future? My “Seat at the Table Summit” is happening soon. Let’s have a conversation about how we can make this happen for you.

We Can Do This!


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