4 Non-Negotiables Businesses Need to Embrace to Attract & Retain Top-Tier Talent

4 Non-Negotiables to Attract Top Talents

Despite some talk of recession, we are still in an era where the labor market is tight and organizations have to work in order to recruit and retain the best talent. The market for high-quality talent is hyper-competitive, and it’s no longer just about offering a competitive salary. The new-age professionals are looking for much … Read more

4 Ways HR Leaders Can Enhance the Employee Life Cycle Experience

4 Ways HR Leaders Can Enhance the Employee Life Cycle Experience

These days, enhancing the employee lifecycle experience is not a choice, it’s an imperative. The cost to replace an employee who leaves your company is 1.5 to 2 times their annual salary. You can’t afford that. Instead, invest in enhancing the employee experience. The ROI will be well worth it. Where do you start? In … Read more

Your 5-Step Roadmap to Practice Positive Leadership

Positive Leadership Roadmap

As a leader, it can be challenging to navigate a constantly changing environment while maintaining a positive outlook. However, practicing positive leadership is crucial to creating a positive work culture and fostering employee engagement and productivity. In my conversation with Dr. Ryan Quinn, Associate Professor and Academic Director for the Project on Positive Leadership at … Read more

Positive Leadership: Key to a Positive Workplace Culture

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Dr. Ryan Quinn, Associate Professor and Academic Director for the Project on Positive Leadership at the University of Louisville College of Business, is a positive leadership expert who challenges traditional leadership thinking. As the world becomes increasingly complex and divided, Dr. Quinn emphasizes that positive leadership is essential for fostering a thriving workplace culture. Drawing … Read more

5 Relationship Mistakes HR Professionals Make & How to Avoid Them


As an HR professional you are uniquely positioned to be a strategic partner in the decision-making processes across your entire organization. The birds-eye view you bring from HR can help your organization adapt to new technologies, changing demographics, and a shifting economy.  But, of course, it is up to HR to make the case for … Read more

An Influential Seat at the Table


In today’s rapidly changing business world, it is more important than ever for HR to have a seat at the table. But what does this mean, and why is it so crucial?  Essentially, having a seat at the table means that HR professionals are viewed as strategic partners in the organization, with a valuable perspective … Read more

Closing the Gap: 3 Strategies to Elevate HR’s Reputation


As HR leaders and professionals, it’s essential to be seen as a valuable partner to other leaders and employees.  That can be challenging in this environment… there’s a lot of attention on all the economic and operational issues – inflation, recession, supply chain shortages. Leaders don’t realize the role HR can, and should, play in … Read more

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