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Engage employees in reshaping your purpose to get the best ideas and to grow commitment for the difficult journey ahead. #ResilienceReady

“I rarely get excited to go in to work anymore. I don’t feel like my work matters anyway. Does anybody even notice?” Have you heard these words before? Maybe from someone on your team? You may even feel this way at times.

In the chaos of everything going on, especially during challenging times like it seems we’re living in now, it’s easy to be swept away and lose sight of what truly matters. The clamor of uncertainty can lead to a relentless fight for survival, a day-to-day struggle where priorities shift, and worry becomes a constant companion.

Yet, amid this chaos, the beacon of purpose shines as a guiding light, offering direction and profound meaning to our existence.

The Essence of Purpose Through Challenges 

A Catalyst for Meaningful Futures

In challenging times, the very fabric of our purpose is tested. It’s easy to fall victim to the prevailing circumstances, to surrender to the narrative of “however this turns out.” But true resilience demands more. It demands the creation of a meaningful future, a purpose that transcends the adversity of the present. It beckons leaders and organizations to rise above the noise and ask fundamental questions: What are we destined to do? Who are we destined to be? How are we being called to serve?

Fueled by Hope, Guided by Direction

Purpose, in its essence, is a force that gives direction, guidance, and hope — all crucial elements needed to overcome even those pressing day-to-day disruptions. It’s a North Star that provides a sense of where one is headed, even in the darkest times. Navigating a challenge without a defined purpose is worrisome, exhausting, and stressful. The lack of direction leaves individuals and organizations constantly reacting to situations, unable to sustain operations. The journey becomes a struggle, not just for leaders but for everyone involved.

How can you regain a growth mindset to fuel morale, commitment, and meaningful work? Today’s evolving workforce needs more than a mission statement; they want their work to be purposeful and meaningful.  

Here’s how to start…

1. Reconnect with your WHY

With the fresh start of a new year, reconnect with your purpose… your WHY. Why do you do what you do? Why is it important? How can others count on you? 

January is a perfect time for leaders to model reflection in the workplace. Begin by reconnecting with your own WHY. The WHY.os Discovery is a resource that will easily illuminate your purpose for you.

2. Refuel Your Team with WHY

Next, have the members of your team complete the WHY.os Discovery to reconnect to their WHY. Reflecting with your team allows the opportunity to explore unique talents, gifts, and self-awareness to understand how your team can grow to optimal performance.

To learn more about how to reconnect with your WHY and to do the same for your team, let’s have a conversation. I can help. 

Engage employees in reshaping your purpose to get the best ideas and to grow commitment for the difficult journey ahead. #ReslienceReady 

3. Combat Survival Mode

A life in survival mode underscores the importance of a meaningful purpose. Without it, individuals risk a journey of mere survival, missing out on the joy of thriving. Similarly, organizations without a meaningful purpose face confusion, reduced focus, and the risk of higher turnover. The impact on employee well-being becomes significant and requires your attention.

If anyone on your team is in survival mode, not only is their mental health at risk, but also their commitment to the company. On the contrary, team members who are thriving feel appreciated and find their work meaningful. In the new year, I challenge you to build a greater connection to purpose with your team, and express gratitude for their contributions. 

Purpose Empowers

In the turbulent seas of the unknown, purpose is the sturdy vessel that guides individuals and organizations. It’s not just a destination but a journey, a resilient force that empowers us to navigate adversity with focus, energy, and a commitment to meaningful outcomes. As we face the uncertainties of the present and the challenges of the future, let purpose be the compass that leads us not just to survive but to thrive. 

Be sure to check out my next podcast episode of “Better Leaders, Better Workplaces” that drops on January 16th. I will be joined by Michael Davis, a Principal with Mind Share Partners, a national nonprofit organization that is changing the culture of workplace mental health and wellbeing. 


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