Take Control: Perspective and Accountability

You own your outcomes based on your perspective. #ResilienceReady 

During times of change, challenge, and chaos, it’s easy to find yourself letting the situation control you. “This, too, shall pass.”

The Power of Accountability

“Power-Up Your Accountability” is not just a slogan; it’s a strategic approach to managing change and personal growth. Accountability in the context of resilience means taking ownership of your perspective and, consequently, your outcomes. There is a transformative impact when individuals and teams shift from feeling powerless to embracing accountability.

What do you have control over, and how can you leverage that control to navigate through the storm? The powerhouse combination of resilience and accountability steps into the spotlight to conclude the three-part series. 

Step 3: Power-Up Your Accountability 

Ready to Power-Up Your Accountability? Here’s how….

1. Make a Choice

The decision between feeling immobilized and taking charge is a choice. In the midst of uncertainty, decisions made or put off will influence not only what happens in the short-term but also shapes your longer-term trajectory. Being accountable for your perspective is critical to determine whether you succumb to the chaos as a victim or rise above it.

 2. Focus on the Controllable

A key facet of accountability is the intentional focus on what can be controlled. Amidst the chaos, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the vast realm of uncontrollable factors. This is the breeding ground for the Victim, Settled, or Surviving Stage—a place where progress is stifled and teams suffer. Instead, ask yourself, what do I have control over that I can do something about? Put your energy there.

3. Own Your Outcomes

The essence of accountability lies in owning your outcomes… good or bad. Did this turn out as I expected? What did I contribute to the outcome? What went well? What might I consider doing differently next time? What are the implications of the outcome? These are great questions for personal and team reflection. 

An Accountable Perspective

Does a sense of powerlessness stifle you? Or are you empowered to seize opportunities within adversity?  

With a positive perspective, you can remove the victim mentality and move on to being courageous and accountable for doing what it takes to prevail. #ResilienceReady

Leaders armed with practice in these areas can navigate challenges with Resilience. In the latest episode of “Better Leaders, Better Workplaces,” we are joined by Col. Charlie Davis, a retired military leader with three decades of dedicated service in the U.S. Army and U.S. Intelligence Community. When leading a team of people in a warzone, accountability drives survival. The elements out of control in that situation are almost unfathomable. 

Charlie’s experience in building a culture of resilience within his teams are strategies you can apply in your organization. Take a listen: https://vivianblade.com/podcast/ or https://sites.libsyn.com/82008/building-a-human-centric-culture-of-resilience-insights-from-retired-colonel-charlie-davis-part-2

Rapid Start Activity

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