Stuck in ‘Meh’? 4 Actions to Turn It Around


We have so much going on in the world from a political, social, and economic lens that many of us are feeling the sense of continuing to languish or the sense of ‘meh’.” — Michael Davis, Principal, Mind Share Partners

Blurred Vision from Challenges

As you navigate through a challenge, it’s common to experience a sense of blurriness. You want to see the future clearly, yet the myriad of difficulties clouds your vision. It’s like attempting to read the fine print without your reading glasses. This lack of clarity brings on more stress. You get blinded by the things you can’t control. You feel stuck in the ‘meh’.

A lack of purpose and direction at work keeps you and your team stuck in the ‘meh’. Being stuck in the ‘meh’ harms mental health. This shows up in the results of the Mindshare Partners 2023 Mental Health at Work study, where they found that workers’ mental health-related symptoms are lasting even longer. When mental health suffers, business outcomes suffer. Poor mental health can lead to more sick days, lower productivity, and higher rates of burnout and turnover.  

Your ability to move forward necessitates the creation of a lens, a mechanism that brings focus to the chaos.

4 Purpose Actions to Get Unstuck

Here are four easy actions you can take right now to begin to overcome the chaos and come out of the ‘meh’.

1. Live Your WHY

It’s time to apply the reflective work you completed from my last message, which started with finding your WHY. What did you learn about yourself? How does your why show up in your personal and work life? Knowing your WHY centers your focus, as an individual and as a team. Living your WHY empowers you and fuels greater, more sustainable energy.  

Employees leave their jobs because they are missing a connection to both personal and professional purpose. #ResilienceReady

To learn more about how to reconnect with your WHY and to do the same with your team, let’s have a conversation. I can help.

2. Set Clear Priorities

When the unexpected happens, your focus shifts to the urgent. How often are you and your team putting out fires all day? That probably happens more times than you want to admit. And, you can’t get to what’s really important.  When your purpose and priorities are defined and aligned, you’re more in control of where to direct your limited time and energy. You minimize the fires, chaos, stress, and burnout.

3. Learn to Say “No”

Clarity of purpose empowers you to decide what to prioritize, where to invest your efforts, and, equally importantly, what to decline. Saying “yes” to a request is not just an agreement; it’s a commitment of your precious resources and may mean sacrificing the ability to tackle what is more important. Conversely, saying “no” is not a refusal; it’s a strategic decision to direct your focus with purpose. It makes decision-making a whole lot easier.

As a leader, what should your team be saying “no” to? And be open to “no” within your team. Create an environment where you can objectively discuss the rationale, and together determine how to move forward.

4. Guide Without Micromanaging

In times of crisis, roles and work dynamics often shift. Remote work, as seen during the COVID-19 crisis, brought new challenges and responsibilities for employees. This does NOT call for micromanaging but does call for setting clear priorities and expectations. Clear priorities serve as a guiding light, offering employees a clear roadmap without stifling their autonomy.

A Clearer Path

In the dance of crisis management, remember that it’s not just about working hard; it’s about working smart. As you navigate through the storms of uncertainty, clarity becomes your ally. Purpose and clear priorities wipe away the fog, offering a lucid view of the path ahead.

To learn more about how to escape the ‘meh’ and to do the same with your team, let’s have a conversation. I can help. And be sure to check out my new podcast episode of “Better Leaders, Better Workplaces”. I’m joined by Michael Davis, a Principal with Mind Share Partners, a national nonprofit organization that is changing the culture of workplace mental health and wellbeing.


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