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Just like many of you, I learned my work ethic and values from my parents. No doubt, I wouldn’t be where I am today without their consistent, compassionate, and unwavering prayers and encouragement. Everyone deserves a cheerleader in their formative years! But as I matured and my career evolved, I had to tap into the faith and courage they instilled in me through the toughest of times. And through it all, I emerged as a more perseverant and resilient person and leader.  

I learned that perseverance, the third Resilience Ready principle, is not merely a trait; it’s a force that can physically reverse the inertia trapping you in moments of adversity. In tough times, where control seems elusive, perseverance becomes your lifeline, providing the psychological, emotional, and physical strength needed to weather the storm.

The inner will to persist is similar to the spirit required for a mountainous expedition — a resilient force that propels you forward. In this post-COVID period, many days feel like a mountainous expedition, with unexpected twists and turns that seem to have no end. It’s exhausting!

Consider This:

  • Which emotions surface for you when you are facing a challenge? How has the stress affected you?

How to Lead with Perseverance

When things seem impossible, how do you find the will to persevere?  These three steps will help you strengthen your perseverance: 1) Set the Environment, 2) Roadmap Your Path Forward, 3) Take Decisive Action.

In this article, we’ll reveal the actions for Step 1) Set the Environment.

By persevering through a challenge, you can physically reverse the inertia that can trap you when you lack control. #ResilienceReady

Step 1. Set the Environment

Perseverance = grit. Our idea of perseverance is often pushing through the wall. However, perseverance is not about pushing harder, it’s about working smarter. You can intend to face a challenge with all the grit you can muster. But it won’t happen if you haven’t set the stage to make getting through the tough times possible for you and your team. Liken it to your team trying to push a boulder up a hill with sheer muscle.

Here’s how to do it differently.

a) Elevate Self-Care & Wellbeing

One of the most important first steps toward enabling perseverance is to elevate self-care, for yourself and your employees. Prevention is the best medicine. How can you proactively support and make space for personal well-being? We’re all dealing with so much in our personal and professional lives. We bring all of that with us.

b) Build a Foundation of Transparency & Trust

In times of uncertainty, rumors run rampant. Misinformation and lack of breed anxiety and erode trust. Talk with your team members to understand their concerns and questions. Proactively communicate, even if answers are incomplete, sharing what you can when you can. Transparency is the cornerstone of trust. Trust builds a deeper sense of community required to get through tough times.

c) Activate Your Courage

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the audacity to confront it. Facing fears involves removing the curtain on perceived threats and distinguishing between reality and false evidence. Embracing emotions and reframing stress are integral to this courageous journey. Taking calculated steps forward in the face of uncertainty and resisting the urge to act impulsively is where courage truly manifests.

Employers Play a Role, Too

Perseverance isn’t solely on employees’ shoulders. Employers play a pivotal role in setting the stage. Employers become architects by investing in employee well-being, providing transparent communication, and fostering a culture of courage.

How Can I Help?

I’ve been working with clients on building a culture of resilient perseverance for years. Does your organization need support creating a happy and healthy workplace? Are you unsure how to address a mountain of challenges? Let’s have a conversation. Results-based solutions in solving pressing burnout, turnover, and workplace culture challenges are my specialty. I’m here to help.

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