4 Non-Negotiables Businesses Need to Embrace to Attract & Retain Top-Tier Talent

4 Non-Negotiables to Attract Top Talents

Despite some talk of recession, we are still in an era where the labor market is tight and organizations have to work in order to recruit and retain the best talent. The market for high-quality talent is hyper-competitive, and it’s no longer just about offering a competitive salary. The new-age professionals are looking for much … Read more

Why are Women So Underrepresented in Leadership?

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You see it around you. And, you’ve experienced it yourself. When you look at the leadership ranks of many companies, women are largely underrepresented. In fact, the latest study by LinkedIn.org and McKinsey on Women in the Workplace found that women continue to miss opportunities to be promoted into their first leadership roles early in … Read more

Rising Talent Strategies – The ART of Self Promotion

A few weeks ago, I asked for input from my network of up and coming, established and veteran professionals on the best rising talent strategies a “rising star” can use to successfully promote yourself within your workplace and network. Thank you to those who shared your ideas. From this input and my personal experience, I … Read more

Rising Talent Strategies – Self-Promotion Toolkit

One of the biggest challenges for professionals is to identify your self-promotion toolkit.  Yet, it’s critical to career success. How do you get past the uncomfortable pit in your stomach or awkwardness when you begin to speak up about yourself?  Believe me, it’s possible to get to the point where you’re not so anxious. How … Read more

Rising Talent Strategies – Boost Your Brand Image

In this series, we’ve been discussing the importance of self promotion at work and strategies you can use to boost your brand image. Get past the uncomfortable pit in your stomach or awkwardness when you begin to speak up about yourself.  You love being the center of attention in your social network.  So, put the “selfie” concept ‘to’ work ’at’ work.  Here are more best practices from my … Read more

Rising Talent Strategies – Optimize Performance Reviews

How do you optimize performance reviews so that you present your results to promote yourself in your annual review? Here are even more best practices from my personal experience and network of successful professionals who were eager to share their advice.  Thanks, again, to those of you who shared your ideas! If you missed the … Read more

Rising Talent Strategies – Create A Professional Profile For Self-Promotion

The Art of Self Promotion – Part 5 Finding a way to create a professional profile for self-promotion, knowing what to say and how to approach a conversation is a challenge many professionals often tell me that they struggle with. Companies are setting up talent portals, which host professional profiles of their employees and LinkedIn acts … Read more

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