Take Control: Perspective and Accountability

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You own your outcomes based on your perspective. #ResilienceReady  During times of change, challenge, and chaos, it’s easy to find yourself letting the situation control you. “This, too, shall pass.” The Power of Accountability “Power-Up Your Accountability” is not just a slogan; it’s a strategic approach to managing change and personal growth. Accountability in the … Read more

Finally… Put Fear in Its Place

Finally... Put Fear in Its Place

Evaluate your current situation so that you can deal with the truth and find an appropriate path forward. #ResilienceReady Fear – your natural response to the unknown. Where has fear shown up for you recently? Fear hinders progress and blocks resilience.  Stop the Lies Realize that the made-up stories you beat yourself up with just … Read more

Your Journey to Becoming Resilience Ready Starts Here

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The lens through which you view today’s reality colors the lens through which you see and realize your future. #ResilienceReady Debbie Downer. Gloomy Gus. You know them. You don’t want to be around them. Their perspective on everything is hopeless and helpless. The negativity is like dead weight constantly pulling you down.  Perspective is vital … Read more

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