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The daffodils and crocuses of early spring are soon joined by tulips and primroses, bringing vibrant colors, a variety of shapes, and depth to gardens. The plants grow together and bloom at different times and in different ways. This garden is nurtured, watered, and groomed with tender care to maintain its elegance and embrace its beauty. Imagine if we cared for our team members and partnerships with that same attention and tender care.

To truly harness the transformative potential of partnership, we must embrace the beauty of inclusivity as a fundamental pillar.

How to Lead with Partnership

In this new normal, the organizations that will stand out are those that view their workforce not as a resource to be managed, but as a community of individuals with diverse talents, aspirations, and needs. In my last article, I introduced these three steps to help you strengthen your partnerships: 1) Practice empathy, 2) Build diverse, equitable, and inclusive partnerships, and 3) SCALE your influence.

In this article, we’ll reveal the actions for Step 2) Build diverse, equitable, and inclusive partnerships.

Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter

Resilience is not possible if organizations do not value or build diversity, equity, and inclusion into the fabric of their culture and infrastructure. #ResilienceReady

Diversity encompasses the rich tapestry of human experiences and extends beyond the narrow definition we typically think of as race, gender, or culture. Equity ensures fair treatment and opportunities for all individuals, addressing systemic barriers that hinder progress. Inclusion fosters a sense of belonging, where every voice is valued, respected, and heard. By embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion, organizations unlock a wealth of perspectives, insights, and talents essential for building resilience in today’s complex world.

“Inclusion describes the extent to which each person in an organization feels welcomed, respected, respected, supported, and valued as a team member.” -SHRM

six Ways to Build Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Partnerships

Resilience is not possible if organizations do not value or build diversity, equity, and inclusion into the fabric of their culture and infrastructure. #ResilienceReady

Creating an inclusive workplace goes beyond good intentions. It requires actionable steps and a commitment to continuous improvement. Here are 6 ideas to help you get started:

1. Expand Your Circle:
Intentionally reach out to individuals with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. Challenge your own biases and comfort zones, and actively seek out voices that may be underrepresented.

2. Create Equal Opportunities to Contribute:

Ensure that every individual has an equal opportunity to participate and contribute. Encourage diverse perspectives and ideas, and foster an environment where all voices are heard and valued. Everyone deserves a seat at the table. 

3. Go Beyond the Obvious
Recognize that different groups may experience challenges differently. Be mindful of intersecting factors such as race, gender, and socioeconomic status, and strive to address systemic inequities within partnerships.

4. Invest in Building Inclusive Partnerships:
Build partnerships that reflect the diversity of your community, industry, and organization. Be proactive in engaging stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and create spaces where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and valued.

5. Foster One-on-One and Team Partnerships:
Invest in building individual relationships and team dynamics that prioritize inclusivity and collaboration. Ensure every team member has a seat at the table and feels empowered to contribute their unique insights and talents.

6. Build External Partnerships

Extend the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond your organization to external partnerships with customers, suppliers, and communities. Seek to understand diverse stakeholders’ unique needs and perspectives and collaborate to address challenges and seize opportunities.

Consider This: Who is in your circle?  Does nearly everyone appear to be a replica of you? Who can you reach out to genuinely intending to form new relationships?

Building diverse, equitable, and inclusive partnerships is not just a one-time endeavor; it’s an ongoing journey of growth and transformation. It requires courage, humility, and a willingness to confront biases and systemic barriers. Yet, the rewards are profound: stronger relationships, greater innovation, and enduring resilience in the face of ongoing change. By embracing a human-centric approach to workplace culture, you can not only navigate the challenges of today but also lay the groundwork for a more resilient, innovative, and inclusive future.

How Can I Help?

I’ve been working with clients on building a culture of resilient partnerships for years. Does your organization need support creating a happy and healthy workplace? Are you unsure how to build better relationships and, ultimately, a better workplace? Let’s have a conversation. My specialty is results-based solutions in solving pressing burnout, turnover, and workplace culture challenges. I’m here to help.

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