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The Power of HR Strategy

The Power of HR Strategy in an Evolving Future of Work

In this episode of GGG Unleashed: Better Leaders, Better Workplaces, we are joined by Lisa Johnson, a seasoned HR professional with a wealth of experience across manufacturing and other industries. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of work, Lisa sheds light on the importance of HR strategy and how it can shape the success of … Read more
Reengineering Talent Retention

Reengineering Talent Retention: A New Lifecycle Model

Human-Centric Talent Lifecycle Experience
Strategies for Gaining Ground and Influence

HR’s Silent Struggle: 5 Strategies for Gaining Ground and Influence

In the latest episode of my podcast, GGG Unleashed: Better Leaders, Better Workplaces, listeners are treated to an enlightening conversation with Michele Fantt Harris, Former Executive Vice President, Human Resources for National Cooperative Bank, and Founder and CEO of MFH Associates. The episode dives into strategies for HR leaders to gain recognition for the critical … Read more
Enhancing Employee Experience

5 Employee Experience Strategies for This Never-Normal

Over the last few weeks, I’ve highlighted key strategies from my conversation with Michele Koch, Senior Vice President and Chief Culture and People Development Officer at Republic Bank on my podcast, “Better Leaders, Better Workplaces”. One of the themes we kept coming back to is that to attract and retain top talent in this evolving … Read more
HR of the Future

HR of the Future – 3 Skills You Must Master

“Human Capital is the most important form of business capital.” Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., President & CEO, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). I was one of the speakers for the SHRM 2023 Annual Conference & Expo in Las Vegas with 25,000 HR Professionals strong in attendance (more on that later.) The theme of this … Read more
4 Non-Negotiables to Attract Top Talents

4 Non-Negotiables Businesses Need to Embrace to Attract & Retain Top-Tier Talent

Despite some talk of recession, we are still in an era where the labor market is tight and organizations have to work in order to recruit and retain the best talent. The market for high-quality talent is hyper-competitive, and it’s no longer just about offering a competitive salary. The new-age professionals are looking for much … Read more
4 Ways HR Leaders Can Enhance the Employee Life Cycle Experience

4 Ways HR Leaders Can Enhance the Employee Life Cycle Experience

These days, enhancing the employee lifecycle experience is not a choice, it’s an imperative. The cost to replace an employee who leaves your company is 1.5 to 2 times their annual salary. You can’t afford that. Instead, invest in enhancing the employee experience. The ROI will be well worth it. Where do you start? In … Read more
Insights from Michele Koch

Shaping the Future of Work: Insights from Michele Koch of Republic Bank

In the ever-changing dynamics of modern workplaces, maintaining employee engagement, fostering a positive culture, and enhancing talent retention are critical concerns for businesses. In the most recent episode of the GGG Unleashed podcast, Better Leaders, Better Workplaces, I spoke to Michele Koch, SVP and Chief Culture and People Development Officer at Republic Bank. We talked … Read more
5 Tips For Growing Team Connections

5 Tips for Growing Team Connection vs. Competition

“And down the stretch they come!”  That should sound familiar if you’ve been to The Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May. The announcer yells with excitement as the horses make the final turn toward the finish line. Everyone is routing for the horses they placed bets on. Pick the winning horse? You’re thrilled … Read more
Positive Leadership Roadmap

Your 5-Step Roadmap to Practice Positive Leadership

As a leader, it can be challenging to navigate a constantly changing environment while maintaining a positive outlook. However, practicing positive leadership is crucial to creating a positive work culture and fostering employee engagement and productivity. In my conversation with Dr. Ryan Quinn, Associate Professor and Academic Director for the Project on Positive Leadership at … Read more

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