Take Action: 3 Tips to Gain Momentum


Look and listen around your office. Does your team look energized or burnt out? Are their faces stressed or happy? Do they speak with confidence or complain? Are your employees looking to grow with the company, or do they have one foot out the door? The workforce and the workplace are evolving at hyperspeed.   

Perseverance, resilience, and agile leadership are not standalone virtues but interconnected elements in the fabric of professional success. Decisive actions are the catalyst, agile leadership is the compass, and wellness is the foundation. Employers and employees alike must recognize that the journey to success isn’t a sprint but a marathon, necessitating a culture of endurance, adaptability, and, above all, excellence.

As an agile leader, you can respond to the dynamics of a changing environment in real-time. #ResilienceReady

In my recent article, I introduced these three steps to help you strengthen your perseverance (the third Resilience Ready Principle): 1) Set the Environment, 2) Roadmap Your Path Forward, and 3) Take Decisive Action.

In this article, we’ll reveal the actions for Step 3) Take Decisive Action.

Decisive Actions: The Catalyst for Momentum

Decisive actions are the bedrock upon which momentum builds. You’ve roadmapped your path. Now, initiating those calculated moves propels you forward, and continuing these actions sustain your trajectory.
Three action steps will set you up to take decisive action:

1. Be Informed
To be an agile leader transcends mere adaptability; it demands a multi-faceted approach. Informed decision-making anchors this agility. Seek out real-time reliable information sources, avoiding knee-jerk reactions while fostering a feedback loop with a select group offering honest insights. Envisioning the bigger picture ensures organizational goals remain prominent amid challenges, keeping distractions at bay.

2. Set Goals, Yet Remain Flexible
Setting incremental goals is the compass that guides agile leaders through changing landscapes. It provides a shorter-term view, allowing for the recalibration of priorities and seizing immediate opportunities. Flexibility, the alter ego of planning, acknowledges that even the best-laid plans may need adjustments. A regular core team meeting becomes the cornerstone for evaluating the current state and executing responsive strategies.

3. Empower Your Team
Empowering your team is not just a leadership trait; it’s the essence of leadership. Leaders can draw strength from the collective during uncertainty, emphasizing collaborative problem-solving. Acknowledging that there are myriad paths to success and valuing the diversity of approaches are hallmarks of authentic leadership.


Consider This: 

Write yourself and your team on a scale of one (disagree) to 5 (agree) on the following statements about how you tend to make and take action on decisions.


___ I can quickly analyze available information and make a decision I’m pretty confident in. 

___ Once I make a decision, I’m ready to take action. 

___ I’m flexible and make adjustments to a plan if needed.


___ My team can quickly analyze available information and make a decision we’re pretty confident in.

___ Once we make a decision, we’re ready to take action.

___ We are flexible in making adjustments to a plan if needed.

For the questions rated three or below, what tends to get in the way? 


Lead with Perseverance: The time is NOW!

Giving up leaves you and your team deflated and powerless. With clarity around a meaningful purpose, perseverance becomes “worth it.” With a perspective that reminds you that “we can do this” and that “excellence, rather than perfection,” is the goal, perseverance becomes more accessible, and getting through a challenge seems doable. You can look back and feel good about saying, “I gave it my best shot.”

How Can I Help?

I’ve been working with clients on building a culture of resilient perseverance for years. Does your organization need support creating a happy and healthy workplace? Are you unsure how to address a mountain of challenges? Let’s have a conversation. Results-based solutions in solving pressing burnout, turnover, and workplace culture challenges are my specialty. I’m here to help.

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