Manage Your Productivity By Delegating The Right Way

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We’ve all had them — the times we’ve tried to delegate and things turned out all wrong. I recently had three days to turn around a focus group report for the executives of a client. I hired a virtual assistant to transcribe the discussion. The report I got back was missing segments of the meeting … Read more

7 Steps You Can Take Now to Retain Millennial Talent

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“I work to live.”  You’ve probably heard that phrase uttered among millennials you know.  For this generation, working is a means to be able to live the lifestyle they want, which means, they will move to the job that supports their lifestyle. Big jobs and big pay are lesser priorities for many in this generation. … Read more

Ready for the Big Stage

It’s always exciting to watch the Olympics!  These athletes work extremely hard to get to this point.  Lots of sweat and tears, disappointments and celebrations.  Many have been preparing for this moment all their lives, building a strong foundation for execution at this level.  It’s finally their turn on the big stage. How prepared are you … Read more

5 Motivators of Highly Successful People

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Do you often look at the lives of some of the most successful people in the world and wonder how they got there?  What made the difference in their success? I believe my niece Ashley nailed it in her Facebook post: “People see the testimony, but rarely do they realize the tests that had to … Read more

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