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It’s always exciting to watch the Olympics!  These athletes work extremely hard to get to this point.  Lots of sweat and tears, disappointments and celebrations.  Many have been preparing for this moment all their lives, building a strong foundation for execution at this level.  It’s finally their turn on the big stage.

How prepared are you to execute when the opportunities arise in your career?  Like these world-class athletes, you have to prepare for these moments.  Hitting a home run in your current role or winning the competition for that promotion requires having a meaningful base of knowledge, skills and experiences that allow you to contribute superior levels of execution toward your organization’s success.

So, to prepare for your turn on the big stage, you have to continuously build your Expertise, take on roles and projects that help you gain important Experiences, and be laser focused on Executing strong.  (What does it take to build a strong foundation for your career? Check out this excerpt from the book FuelForward Chapter 3 pp. 33 – 35)

Your net-worth is fundamentally evaluated by ‘what’ you consistently contribute and ‘how’ you get the job done.  Your track record of Execution and perceived value to the company are among the top 5 barriers to getting promoted at work:

–       Barrier #1. You don’t stand out among the pack in your execution

–       Barrier #2. You may not be in a role that has an obvious impact on business objectives, so your contributions are undervalued

(Make sure you’re aware of all 5 barriers to getting promoted at work.)

Remember, you can’t depend on luck to get ahead in your career.  Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Will you be ready for your big stage?

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