When did you last consider your ‘How’?

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Dangerously Unaware I was starting a new position and had heard about the General Manager’s reputation. He had grown up in his career running manufacturing facilities and had a tough-guy type of approach to leadership. In his new General Manager role, he was leading a corporate function, which required a different leadership style. I remember … Read more

10 Tips to Grow Allies in Your Network

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Kathy and Miguel work for a mid-sized manufacturing company. Kathy works in operations, while Miguel is in Finance.  Both have worked for the company about five years and have worked together on various projects over the years.  They have formed a good working relationship. There have been times when Kathy needed a custom report run … Read more

Sponsors: Your Career Game Changer


Women still struggle to get ahead.  That’s evident in the results of the recent Women in the Workplace Study* by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company.  The corporate playing field for women remains uneven.  The study* found that women’s experiences at work differ.  And, women question the fairness in opportunities in the workplace. Will you sit … Read more

3 Mistakes that Make Mentoring a Waste of Time

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Women are not only missing critical relationships such as allies, mentors, and sponsors in their careers. You also are not managing those relationships so that you get the most benefit from them. A mentor is one of the most important strategic assets in your career advancement toolkit. Yet, you don’t treat your mentoring relationships that … Read more

Make the Most of your Mentor


The Mistake: You don’t manage the mentoring relationship and fail to get the outcomes you’re looking to achieve.  A good mentoring experience doesn’t just happen without planning and care throughout the process. There are four stages of a mentoring relationship that define your progress: Selecting Engaging Progressing Closing  Each stage has its own set of … Read more

Relationships – Quality Or Quantity?

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“Women get less access to the people and opportunities that advance careers and are disadvantaged in many of their daily interactions.”  LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company, 2016 Women in the Workplace Report Why has this situation not improved for women? Both sides contribute to this challenge. Company leaders tend to have rose-colored glasses. They don’t realize or … Read more

Women Play Catch-Up Their Entire Careers

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In my coaching practice, I run across a number of female professionals who are frustrated with their career progression. They feel like they’ve been committed to the company, working endless hours and doing what it takes to get the job done and then some.  A big part of the problem is, they feel like they’re … Read more

8 steps to survive being a “stayer”…

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Your employer has announced layoffs and extended early retirement to a number of employees. You’re among the employees who are not leaving and, at least for now, will remain employed. We often consider the colleagues who are staying the lucky ones, yet, don’t realize that this is an emotional and challenging time for them, too. … Read more

Professional Relationships: Quality Trumps Quantity

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For more information on building a quality professional network, check out Chapter 8 of the book “FuelForward: Discover Proven Practices to Fuel Your Career Forward“.  Available on Amazon. “This is a relationship culture, but it’s hard to break in. There’s a closed network of people who have known each other for a long time. Or, because … Read more

Become an Influencer

Lists of the most influential people in the world are published in magazines such as Time, Esquire, People and others.  These influencers command a lot of attention and often gain our admiration for what they accomplish.  Influential leaders take on some of the biggest challenges in the world. They often stand up against the status … Read more

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