Sell Your Value – 4 Reason’s HR’s Influence Matters

Human Resources (HR) plays a critical role in the success of any organization. As an HR professional, you are responsible for managing and developing the company’s most valuable asset: its people. To achieve this, HR professionals need to be influential in the organization, meaning that you need to have the ability to persuade others to take action and make decisions that will benefit the company and its employees. 

HR’s Reputation – A Big Challenge

I was recently talking with one of my clients about her experiences as former Executive Vice President of HR and the challenges she faced in that role. When we spoke about having an influential voice in leadership circles, one of the statements she made really captured the core objection facing HR when it comes to influencing impact on strategy and direction – HR doesn’t generate direct revenue for the company.

To many leaders, HR is often viewed as more of a support function than a strategic partner. So, the challenge is to shift that paradigm by demonstrating how HR really does matter as organizations reorient themselves to rapidly changing business environments and employee expectations.  

Sell Your Value – 4 Reasons HR’s Influence Matters

HR has never been in a better position to lead this evolution because of the changing needs around human capital. However, with the focus on daily operations, leaders often overlook the impact of human capital on operations, productivity, and profitability.

Therefore, it is critical for HR to SCALE your level of influence within your organization. Here are 4 key reasons why HR’s influence matters.

Reason 1. Influence positions HR as a strategic partner.

Elevating your influence as an HR professional repositions you as a strategic partner. By influencing important decisions around the direction of your company and its ability to achieve its goals, you demonstrate the value HR brings to the table. This can help you gain respect and credibility among other leaders, and ultimately, give you more input when it comes to important decisions.

Reason 2. Influence positions HR as a change agent.

Greater influence strengthens your ability to be a recognized change agent. Your unique perspective on your company’s culture, values, and people allows you to see decisions from a vantage point that goes far beyond the silos everyone else operates within. 

By leveraging your influence, you can inspire positive change within your organization, such as implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives, creating a positive work culture, and improving employee engagement. The result? Your organization becomes a better place to work, leading to improved productivity, employee retention, and profitability.

Reason 3. Influence positions HR as an advisor.

By building strong relationships with other leaders, you can provide valuable insights and advice that can help them make better decisions. This can include providing guidance on HR policies, helping to resolve conflicts, and providing support during times of change or crisis. In essence, you become the trusted advisor helping to build a culture of collaboration within your organization – which can ultimately lead to greater success.

Reason 4. Influence positions HR as an innovator.

Your unique perspective on talent and workplace trends can also help drive innovation within your organization. By identifying opportunities for employees to learn, grow, and upskill, HR can transform the capabilities of the organization to be the market leader in your industry. The workplace of the future will continue to evolve. Those organizations that innovate around the employee experience will thrive.  

HR’s Influence = Organizational Success

To SCALE your influence as an HR professional is as essential for your success as it is for the success of your organization. Your special place within the hierarchy not only gives you insight into your organization’s people – but also how those people can transcend being pieces of the puzzle to actual puzzle solvers!

For details on how to SCALE Your Influence, check out my recent podcast episode, Influence Essentials for HR.


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