Get That Promotion: Step 1 – Strengthen Your Foundation

I was just reading an interesting article that came out in the June issue of Money Magazine on “The 21 Most Valuable Career Skills Now.”  This article gives you a latest insight on the technical skills employers look for when hiring and promoting employees. I thought you would find this article useful for yourself and/or to pass along, so I wanted to share it with you.

Getting a degree, getting certifications, or gaining valuable work experience are ways you can develop these skills. However, just having the credentials will only get you so far. It’s how you apply these skills in the day-to-day execution of your work that matters most. The impact, or what I call the “so what”, of your work using these skills will begin to get you recognized and promoted. Don’t think that these 21 skills are the only path to success. What are the assets you have to offer? How are your assets of value to the organization? Check out this video, “Get That Promotion: Step 1 – Strengthen Your Foundation”  to help you answer these questions.

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I trust you have found this week’s issue of my new series, “FuelForward Fridays”, of value.

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