6 ways to fix your quiet quitting problem

Quiet Quitting has become the new catchphrase on social media, in the news, and even in the hallways at work. 

More and more, people are disconnected from the workplace. Quiet quitters represent the people who are not engaged in their jobs. They may meet basic expectations, but stop going above and beyond in their work. 6 ways to fix your quiet quitting problem. They are psychologically unattached and don’t have passion for what they do and/or where they do it. 

Quiet quitting is not a new concept but has been exacerbated by the pandemic. So, concerns over employee engagement have seen some resurgence. 

To be engaged is a partnership – you individually have a role, teams collectively have a role, and leaders have a role to play.

What strategies can you use to reverse the cycle of quiet quitting? How do you Refuel & Re-energize, and create a more engaged, thriving workplace? 6 ways to fix your quiet quitting problem.


#1. Inspire a Growth Mindset

Your first step is to Reframe your mindset so you can be in control of changing your future.  A growth mindset says, “If I don’t like the way things are, I can try to make them better.” Don’t sell yourself short. Consider your options. Focus on what is in your control to change.

This quote from Henry Ford sums it up well… “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

#2. Agree On & Honor Boundaries

In many industries during COVID, workloads increased, and people were asked to take on more work with fewer employees. The problem is that workloads and work hours have stayed at high levels and not rebalanced. The new routine becomes business as usual. 

Consider what healthy boundaries mean for yourself. Work with your boss to align that with the needs of your role. For leaders, proactively invite your employees into this type of conversation on a regular basis and honor what you agree to.


#3. Lean-in With Purpose

In the course of daily paperwork, meetings, and routines, you can lose the connection to the people you serve, your reason for being. Every person wants to see meaning and purpose in their work – you want to see how you work matters and do work that you care about. Rediscover your why and step into its power every day. You have so much to offer!

#4. Lean-in as a Team

This South African Proverb, Ubuntu, is perfect for this concept of Leaning-in as a Team:

“I am because we are. We are because I am.” We co-exist in this universe and need each other. 

Trust is foundational to being able to lean-in and collaborate as a team. Trust is earned and extended. You believe that other people have your best interest and the best interest of the team at heart. You do the same. And, your actions are congruent with that. 


#5. See, Respect, & Value Me

No matter who you are or where you come from, you have value. One of our fundamental human needs is to be seen, to be treated with dignity and respect, and to be valued. Leaders, recognize each person on your team for who they are and what they bring. Schedule weekly one-on-ones and make them a priority for relationship building, as well as reviewing work-related topics.

#6. Make Appreciation a Habit

Appreciation begins within. Give yourself some grace for the imperfection as you try to navigate a dynamic environment. Part of being seen, respected and valued is having people recognize the contributions you make, especially your boss! It doesn’t have to be complicated. A ‘thank you’ for the extra effort, or a ‘good job’ for a small win from your manager goes a long way. Even when showing appreciation only takes a minute, it may seem small, but the impact is significant.

When we Reframe, Reconnect, and Recognize, we can put quiet quitting in its place and enjoy a more engaged, connected workplace where we love to work and feel valued!


She’s a woman on a mission, prepped and ready to help you create resilient leaders and a workplace that is poised to succeed. Having weathered her fair share of corporate and career crises of all sizes, Vivian Blade MBA, MBB, PMP, is a global leadership expert and thought leader who equips leaders with the resilience that inspires teams to recover quickly in the face of ongoing disruption and thrive in spite of insurmountable odds.

Vivian empowers leaders and organizations as a frequent keynote speaker for association conferences and in delivering transformative leadership development programs, executive coaching and consulting for corporations.

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