Why are Women So Underrepresented in Leadership?

You see it around you. And, you’ve experienced it yourself. When you look at the leadership ranks of many companies, women are largely underrepresented. In fact, the latest study by LinkedIn.org and McKinsey on Women in the Workplace found that women continue to miss opportunities to be promoted into their first leadership roles early in their careers. This snowballs into fewer leadership career options across their careers.

In my coaching practice, I work with a number of professional women at all levels who are frustrated because this situation has impacted them personally.

Like these women, you thought you were doing the right things to advance in your career, working like crazy. Yet, your potential isn’t recognized. You’re often told you’re not ready, don’t have the required experience, or are not supported for a move ‘at this time’ because you’re needed in your current role. 

You feel stuck and are uncertain about how to change your situation.

So, what can you do? There’s no silver bullet, but there are steps you can take now that can change the trajectory for your career.

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