Honoring “The Greatest”

Muhammad Ali was not only The Greatest, he was the people’s servant.  He was never too big, too powerful, or too rich to be humble, to love and to connect with people world-wide. That is evident by the outpouring of memorials and visitors from all over the world coming to Louisville, KY to honor him this week. In the celebration of Muhammad Ali’s life, people are sharing how he inspired them.  You can read many of these expressions on Twitter (#inspiredbyAli). So many of the ways he has inspired describe his character. Here are just a few of those powerful words that fans have used to describe him:
He stood up for what he believed in.
He cared for people.
It’s not where you begin, but where you end up.
Stand tall and stand firm. 
He was a champion inside and outside the ring.

Muhammad Ali was certainly great enough to declare his greatness. But his wins in the ring were only a small part of his true greatness. Though he could boast better than anyone, deep down inside, it wasn’t just about him.  The values he stood for and the way he lived his life claimed victories for all of us.

When we can step back and reflect on the life of a role model such as this, it should move us to reflect on our own lives.  In one of my workshops, Galvanizing Greatness, I begin the session by sharing this Muhammad Ali Greatness video.  Then, participants consider and discuss, “Define what greatness means to you. What does it take to achieve greatness?”

Greatness cannot be gained or claimed  by your accomplishments alone. Greatness can only be fulfilled in how, with your care, concern and service to others, you use it to make the world a better place. Just think what a different world it would be if we all lived this way.

How would you answer these questions for yourself…. How do you define greatness? How do you inspire others?

I think this quote from Muhammad Ali and an affirmation shared by @AngieFenton at #inspiredbyAli can help us to honor the life of Muhammad Ali every day.

Thank you. Ali, for how you have inspired us!


Talk again soon,


Your Career Empowerment Coach