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Empowering HR leaders to become more aware of their value, build confidence and community, and ultimately have a greater impact in their roles and lives.

Date: March 2024
Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST
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  • You want to help people! But, you don’t feel you’ve been able to do that like you were called to this profession. HR often perceived as a support function, not an essential operations function – HR is not being invited to the table where significant strategic business decisions are being made; therefore, lack solid influence. Makes it tough to do your job well, get resources you need for HR, and really serve your calling to make the workplace better for employees.
  • Feel undervalued and overwhelmed
  • Blind spot – You’re well positioned to be at the table, but you’re not playing offense, and are often waiting to be invited, especially because you have so much ‘hr’ items on your to-do list; not sure what to do to change your odds. Impacts not only the perception of HR, but also of you as a leader and your career potential.
  • What you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked like you’d hoped or needed it to
  • What is at stake for you? What is not being at the table costing you?
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The Solution

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The solution – Play Offense- to do that, you need a playbook

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HR’s Seat at the Table Offense Playbook – a path with a plan to get your seat at the table

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Shift your ability to get that ‘seat at the table’, add greater value, and be perceived as an essential business partner

You need an offensive strategy (instead of being reactive and on the defensive) to get your seat at the table and the confidence to go back and execute it.

Why START With My Summit

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A Transformational Experience to Elevate Your Impact and Career Success

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You’ll walk away with your HR’s Seat at the Table Offense Playbook and the confidence to go back and execute it

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Invitation only – you’ll be with other HR leaders who have similar experiences and are serious about making a change

What's In The Package


A One-on-One, 75-minute post retreat deep-dive coaching session with Vivian on your plan

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About Vivian

Recognized as one of Engagedly’s Top 100 Global HR Influencers and one of the most influential HR voices by Nestor, Vivian Blade is a sought-after leadership expert and thought leader. She works with the world’s top brands to build better, more resilient workplaces, equipping leaders to solve the pressing burnout, turnover, and workplace culture challenges your company is struggling with right now.

Vivian’s impact is felt as a frequent keynote speaker, Amazon best-selling author, and in delivering transformative leadership development programs, executive and team coaching, and corporate consulting.

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3-Day Retreat


VIP Experience

  • Includes Bonus
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