Empowering companies to fuel incredible leadership

Companies are challenged with preparing executive talent to be great visionaries who will lead their businesses forward, communicate a clear business strategy, and build a culture of motivated, high-achieving teams. Vivian Hairston Blade provides effective one-on-one executive leadership development that will help professionals achieve their full leadership potential and align to your company’s strategic initiatives.

Her training sessions are exciting, energizing, and personalized to your specific corporate culture through training and development programs, on-site workshops, webinars, coaching and consulting.

Vivian Blade Training will deliver:

• High energy, engaging and motivating programs

• Programs customized to the needs of your organization

• Strategies / tools to grow and develop targeted skills

• Programs that create positive, lasting change for the company and the individual

FuelForward®️ Leadership Development

Accelerate the development of your emerging talent by offering each of the modules in the FuelForward®️ Leadership Development program.  Or, select the individual modules to meet specific needs.

Program modules are designed around the 4 FuelForward®️ Principles of Leadership:

  • Principle 1: Lead with personal character and values – integrity, trust, honoring others
  • Principle 2: Guide & Direct – establish organizational purpose, vision and direction
  • Principle 3: Inspire Engagement & Action – influence, engage & empower others
  • Principle 4: Build Organizational Capacity – align resources, build teams, build capability

What leadership challenges are you experiencing in your company?

Schedule a complimentary strategy session with Vivian to explore potential solutions.

Vivian also accepts individual executive clients to develop the skills necessary to get to the next step and accelerate their career progress. Vivian utilizes a personalized coaching approach to assist the individual to discover development opportunities, develop leadership talent, enhance their skills, and advance their career.

FuelForward®️ Professional Development

Employee engagement strengthens when employees have opportunities to develop and grow into their full potential. Invest in the development of your employees across all levels of the organization with Vivian’s professional development programs. Her high quality, high-value programs provide nuts-and-bolts strategies with clear and specific steps that develop the professional skills your employees need to achieve your company’s vision.

Programs are designed around a core set of professional skills, and are customized to your specific needs.

Skill areas include:

• Personal Accountability

• Emotional Intelligence

• Communications

• Delegating

• Customer Service

• Career Advancement