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Retaining millennial talent is one of the toughest challenges companies face. With the more frequent mobility of this generation, it seems companies are constantly hiring to fill the gaps in not only their broader workforce, but more importantly in their leadership pipeline.

With this revolving door like culture, companies risk growing a talent base that knows the business and is prepared to grow the company in the future.

  • Emerging Leaders Talent Management


    Companies are challenged with preparing the emerging leadership talent that can lead your

    businesses forward, communicate and execute on a clear business strategy, and build a

    culture of motivated, high-achieving teams.

    Discover how Vivian can help you build a leadership pipeline talent management framework to:

    • Get the right talent in your leadership pipeline
    • Recognize the potential talent in your company
    • Develop your emerging talent for increasingly responsible leadership roles
    • Get leaders focused on leading, rather than stuck managing day-to-day operations
    • Equip your leaders with engagement producing people skills
    • Increase accountability & execution
    • Build a cohesive, inspired leadership team

    Companies are with preparing executive talent to be great visionaries who will lead their businesses forward, communicate a clear business strategy, and build a culture of motivated, high-achieving teams. Vivian Hairston Blade provides effective one-on-one executive leadership development that will help professionals achieve their full leadership potential and align to your company’s strategic initiatives.

    Her training sessions are exciting, energizing, and personalized to your specific corporate culture through training and development programs, on-site workshops, webinars, coaching and consulting.  LEARN MORE


    One-on-one development is an essential part of growing leaders, and must be focused on addressing individual client needs.  Working together with the coaching client and sponsor, we objectively discover development opportunities, and plan specific goals and success targets to help professionals achieve their fullest leadership potential.

    When it comes to this type of leadership development, Vivian Hairston Blade is a preferred partner.  Vivian recommends a holistic approach to developing executive leadership talent that is personalized and aligned with your company’s leadership competencies and cultural values. Learn More

What leadership challenges are you experiencing in your company? Schedule a complimentary strategy session with Vivian to explore potential solutions.