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Dawn of a New Day

If you’re like me, you’re looking forward to ringing out 2020 and ringing in a new year. This has been a tough year on all of us, one that has made an indelible influence on the course of our lives. We have more questions than answers about what the future will look like. 

As many disappointments as there have been this year due to the pandemic, I am grateful for the new experiences, virtual connections with friends and clients, and time with family that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Looking ahead, we know there are still some dark days that await us in dealing with COVID-19. But, we are resilient and we will get through this together!

As we celebrate this holiday season and welcome 2021, remember that the dawn of a new year and each new day is a time for a fresh start, renewing our hope and boundless possibilities.

As a reminder of your resilience, I created the image above as a downloadable flyer that you can print out for yourself or even post on social media to encourage others. You can download the image here:

I’d love to hear from you and stay in touch on how you’re doing.

Wishing You a Very Happy Holiday Season and Blessed New Year!


Emotional Impact of Change

[Watch the video here.]

During my executive leadership development session, we looked at three factors related to leading change that I know you can benefit from.

Ask yourself these questions…

First, have you considered how the volume of the change you’re asking employees to juggle is putting significant strain on the wellbeing of your workforce, directly impacting your productivity and quality?

Secondly, have you considered how change initiatives are aligned with your most important strategic priorities against the effort required to implement those changes? Are your employees being exhausted physically and emotionally by the busy work on less important priorities?

Third, have you considered where people are along the stages of emotional transition and why? How is your change process supporting employees along that journey. The leaders in my program were fascinated by the variation in the emotional stages of the C-Suite, vs. their individual teams, and themselves.

Most change doesn’t go so well because you fail to engage employees and customers on an emotional level. Adjust your focus, increase your odds of success in leading change.

Feel free to reach out if I can help.

[Watch the video here.]