SCALE Your INFLUENCE: 5 Powerful Strategies to Scale Your Influence for Impact

This program is perfect for:

  • Professionals and leaders who are ready to master this essential skill and elevate your influence among your peers, among those who lead, and among team members you lead.

Format: ​

  • Keynote, breakout, workshop
  • In-person or virtual

Program Overview

Do you lack the confidence in your ability to influence? Influence across all levels of the organization has never been more important for success. SCALE Your Influence provides a roadmap of five powerful principles to sharpen your influence at 360º scale – ‘from’ and ‘to’ any level.

Especially when not in an official position of power, you may not view yourself as a strong influencer, and, therefore, lack the confidence that you can be the conduit to change. However, the influence that can be generated without positional power has the greatest potential for impact.

Influence is often thought of as being highly visible and large scale. Yet, you’re called upon in sometimes subtle ways every day to influence the people and the environment around you. The compound effect of small instances of influence can make the greatest impact in your workplace, in your community, and in your home.

Based on my upcoming book, Influence, published by the Association for Talent Development, this interactive program inspires professionals in growing personal influence and developing influence within your organizations.

I pull back the curtain on the details of each of the five principles with specific actions for you to SCALE your INFLUENCE for impact:

  • S – Social Capital – Build relationships of mutual trust earned over time
  • C – Courage – Discover the confidence to step forward out of your comfort zone
  • A – Authenticity – Create congruence of thoughts, words, behaviors, and actions with your values
  • L – Lean-In With Passion – Invest time and energy into becoming and giving your best.
  • E – Engage an Inclusive Community – Invite, welcome and engage peoples’ uniqueness to create a vibrant community.

The audience will leave with:

  • Awareness of the three mistakes sabotaging your influence and how to avoid them.
  • How to use everyday interactions to SCALE your influence.
  • Keys to becoming that person of influence who has a greater positive impact on people’s lives and the organizations you work within and lead.