BREAKTHROUGH: 7 Power Plays for Women to Fast-Track Your Career

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Professional women who want to take more control of their career in this evolving environment and avoid derailing career mistakes.
  • Organizations who want to equip diverse professionals with the inside secrets to successfully manage and advance their careers.

Format: ​

  • Keynote, breakout, workshop 
  • In-person or virtual

Program Tracks:

  • Career Advancement / Career Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Management / Development

Program Overview

Women are frustrated that they are not progressing in corporate leadership ranks as they deserve. You’ve probably experienced many of the same frustrations with your own career.

Your frustrations are real. The glass ceiling, though cracking, is far from being shattered.

Studies on Women in the Workplace by & McKinsey over the past few years find that the playing field for corporate advancement hasn’t been equal for everyone…. and statistics have not significantly improved with time. Only 39% of women are represented in the early management ranks, vs. 62% of men, reducing to 23% of women being represented in the C-Suite compared to 77% of men.  If you’re a woman of color, the statistics are far worse. While many women are still just slugging it out, head down working hard, your chances of breaking through to higher levels in the pipeline by using that approach alone are slim. This interactive workshop equips you to apply the 7 critical power plays to fast-track your career.

What should you do differently? If you’re frustrated with your career and believe you should be advancing in leadership roles, but your progress has been slow, then it’s time to change the game.

Join Vivian for this interactive workshop as she equips ambitious women with:

The SECRETS to achieve the CAREER POTENTIAL and INCOME you deserve!

A SYSTEM for finally BREAKING THROUGH so you can ACCELERATE your progress.

7 CRITICAL POWER PLAYS that will get you the GREATEST IMPACT in the SHORTEST amount of time:

o Power Play 1: Know the Rules

o Power Play 2. Be Recognized as an A player

o Power Play 3. Have a Clear Vision of What You Want to Do

o Power Play 4. Advocate for yourself

o Power Play 5. Make wise, informed and advised career decisions

o Power Play 6. Demonstrate Your Leadership Potential… Your Runway

o Power Play 7. Build Advocates in Your Network

The audience will leave with:

  • Uncover the fundamental mistake holding women back in their careers.
  • Examine the impact of slower progression on your career and income potential. 
  • Acquire little-known, high-impact strategies and tools to transform your career success and unlock the path to achieve the career you deserve.