Navigating the Corporate Environment – Mentors & Sponsors

If you’re frustrated with your career progression and it seems like your total commitment to working endless hours, doing whatever it takes to get the job done and then some, is not being recognised or rewarded…

and you feel like you’re trying to push through the journey on your own…

it’s not your fault…

and help is at hand.

Click on the image to watch my latest video…


Learn more about the third Reach strategy, Invited Reach in this excerpt from Chapter 7 of my FuelForward® book. I reveal the two outcomes of Reach that are must – haves.  Download here and accelerate your career moves up the corporate hierarchy.

2 thoughts on “Navigating the Corporate Environment – Mentors & Sponsors

  1. Frank Polion

    I was unable to see the video, but I’m extremely interested in getting tips to address this matter; as well as empower myself to do better. I will attempt to watch this from another site. Thanks for all that you’re doing and I do intend to utilize your services at some point and time. Please continue to send out the great and informative career strategies.

  2. Vivian Blade Post author

    Hi Frank,
    I’m really sorry you couldn’t play the video. Here’s the YouTube link where hopefully you will be able to watch it.
    Thank you very much for your lovely comments, and of course I will carry on sending you some information.
    Speak soon,

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