Leadership Warning Signs

Recently some fellow Forbes Councils members, Tonya Echols and Frances McIntosh, and I combined our segments for a podcast to share our advice on negative leadership traits and how to deal with them.

You’ll take away useful techniques to deal with any problematic leaders that you have in your career. As well as learning that “toxic” managers are a major cause of employee turnover and how to identify these “toxic” managers by observing these signs: not making employees feel valued; micro-managing; a lack of positive feedback; and even perfectionism as it can create unrealistic expectation and frustration for employees. There are many more negative leadership traits that we discuss on the podcast as well as how you can combat them to help you progress further in your career.

If you want to learn more about how you can identify signs of toxic leadership, you can listen to the podcast on the Forbes Council website or on Spotify, iTunes, or Google Play.