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FuelForward identifies the things that will truly make a difference in a career, and they might not be what you expect them to be. FuelForward gives practical examples of how to turn nearly any situation into an opportunity to become known, build your reputation, and network with other professionals. Taking a marketing approach to career advancement, FuelForward helps you lay out a plan to build your personal brand around what you stand for and want to be known for. If you are putting in a lot of hours and effort on the job but still feel like your career is merely running in place, FuelForward can help you turn that around with a fresh way of thinking and being.

Matthew Howard

Vivian’s presentation at our company outing was enlightening and eye opening to say the least. For a young professional, fresh into the workplace, it was critical for me to hear the five key elements that senior management looks for when evaluating performance and considering advancement. Those five elements are now on the white board of my office, and on a monthly basis my boss and I can/will rate where I stand for each to make sure I am always aligned with where she thinks I am.


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