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Emotional Impact of Change

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During my executive leadership development session, we looked at three factors related to leading change that I know you can benefit from.

Ask yourself these questions…

First, have you considered how the volume of the change you’re asking employees to juggle is putting significant strain on the wellbeing of your workforce, directly impacting your productivity and quality?

Secondly, have you considered how change initiatives are aligned with your most important strategic priorities against the effort required to implement those changes? Are your employees being exhausted physically and emotionally by the busy work on less important priorities?

Third, have you considered where people are along the stages of emotional transition and why? How is your change process supporting employees along that journey. The leaders in my program were fascinated by the variation in the emotional stages of the C-Suite, vs. their individual teams, and themselves.

Most change doesn’t go so well because you fail to engage employees and customers on an emotional level. Adjust your focus, increase your odds of success in leading change.

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[Watch the video here.]

10 Practices To Help Your Employees Shine During High-Pressure Times

As a leader, you’ve lived through it before — the final push at the end of the quarter or year. It’s all hands on deck to make the numbers in what seems like a wild frenzy to meet customer needs and financial commitments. And don’t forget, the regular work doesn’t stop during this time; you still have to keep up with it.

Your company’s success depends on every employee being “in the game.” How you approach this final push with your employees will greatly influence your chances of success, not only now, but also long term. It’s your chance to step up as a leader. Others will measure you not only by meeting goals but also by how you get there.

10 Critical Leadership Practices 

Following are 10 ideas you can put into practice to help your employees be stars during any high-pressure period. These strategies represent some of the best practices from the world-class companies I work with and from my personal leadership experience.

  • Be clear on your priorities and expectations. There are usually a number of priorities competing for your team’s time and attention, especially at closing. Don’t assume they know what your most important priorities are. Clearly communicate them, including why they are most important at this time, and set expectations around deadlines and deliverables.

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