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If your corporate event, industry or professional association desires a high-quality, dynamic speaker, Vivian can customize conference keynote, breakout sessions, workshops, employee meetings, and member development programs to your needs.

FuelForward®️ Professional Development

Keynote, Breakout & Training Programs for
Corporations, Associations & Conferences

Vivian works with ambitious professionals who want to win in their careers and in their everyday work lives. She works with

organizations and individuals to Build Leaders and Develop Excellence so that they can achieve their vision of success.

Vivian delivers an energetic, power-packed program to

empower and inspire audiences worldwide.

Vivian’s signature high-content, interactive speaking and training programs are perfect for conference keynote presentations and professional development programs. All presentations can be customized for your specific needs of topic and length. Vivian’s programs benefit audiences at all levels of the organization


Live The Life Of Your Dreams By Achieving The Career You Deserve

What dreams do you have for your life? What desires do you have for your career?  How can you achieve the career you deserve so that you can live the life of your dreams? Professionals often get the advice to “keep your head down and work hard” to get ahead.  But, if you’re not aware of the most impactful factors on your career advancement, you can’t influence these blind spots that are constantly at work. Based on Vivian’s new book, FuelForward®, this program provides empowering strategies for success in today’s career game. (visit

By attending this program, you will:

• Uncover how the misconceptions about your career are holding you back

• Discover the fundamental principles and FuelForward® Accelerators that power careers ahead

• Acquire often unknown, high impact strategies to transform your career success and transform your path to live the life of your dreams


Empower Your Reputation to Fuel Career Success

What do your favorite toilet paper brand and your professional brand have in common? You might be surprised! Your professional reputation precedes and follows you. Others will ‘buy-in’ to your brand based on key factors we can learn about from a roll of

toilet paper.

By attending this program, you will:

• Discover the three brand traits that you may be missing in your professional brand

• Take away proven strategies for making your reputation work overtime to propel you ahead


The Art of ‘Selfie’ Promotion to Propel Your Career

Who doesn’t love to take and share a selfie? Making connections with your network helps you to stay in touch and build lasting relationships.  Why not use this same concept to your advantage at work?!  Don’t kid yourself.  Hard work alone will not suffice if you want to get ahead in your career.  Your promotions and opportunities at work come from the knowledge and perceptions leaders have of you.  Ultimately, it is your responsibility to share your ‘selfie’, your contributions and accomplishments, across your network so that others know your value. To get to that next level opportunity, this is a strategy you can’t ignore.


By attending this program, you’ll learn strategies to:

• Be able to overcome barriers that keep you from promoting yourself

• ‘Toot your own horn’ professionally and respectably

• Apply a template for crafting and sharing your ‘selfie’ message


Companies Vivian has Worked With:

• Johnson & Johnson

• Brown-Forman Corporation

• GE

• Proctor & Gamble

• National Association of Women MBAs

• Neustar, Inc.

• The Cordish Companies

• KY Organization of Nurse Leaders

• Peer Exchange Network

• Norton Healthcare

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