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Meeting Planners

Thank you for considering Vivian to speak at your upcoming event. This page includes information that will be helpful to planning a successful program. Please contact Vivian if there’s anything else you need and to answer any questions. She looks forward to working with you!

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Audio Visual Requirements

Audio Visual

• Wireless lavaliere microphone

• LCD projector

• Screen set to side of stage

• Connection capability for MacBook Pro computer

Room Setup

The following setup suggestions will help you have an overall successful event:


Distance from the first row of seats/tables to the stage should be no more than 10 feet.


• Ideal stage/riser height for audiences of up to 200 people is 6"-12"; for audiences of more than 200 people, 12"-24" in height is appropriate.


• Lecterns should be removed, or pushed to the side of the stage. I am a high-energy, high-content speaker who loves to connect with my audience. I move around the stage and often out into the audience. Please take this into consideration when planning your event.

Pre-Program Questionnaire

Please download the PDF and write

in the answers

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