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Work the Problem

I am really happy to announce the launch of the new book published by the Association for Talent Development, “Work the Problem: How Experts Tackle Workplace Challenges“.

I am a contributing author to the book, my second for ATD, providing expert strategies and advice for leaders and individual contributors.

In the book, I talk about Career Crossroads. There is a case study and I give strategies for when you encounter this situation.

Are you facing crossroads right now?

Are you experiencing stress from a career decision you’re trying to make?

Download my guide Career Crossroads GPS and take steps to move from feeling stuck to opening a path FORWARD.


Who Do You Aspire To Be?

As we reflect on Women’s History month I look back on the women who have inspired me, day to day, throughout my life.

Not every hero is standing in the spotlight but standing in the background women everywhere are creating opportunities for future generations.

Watch my latest vlog to see how women throughout history have paved the way for you:

If you are looking to inspire others, mentoring is a great way to get involved, download my guide to mentoring here.