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What Is The Fundamental Career Mistake That May Be Holding You Back?

Most “up and coming” professionals believe that you have to be the best at ‘getting the job done’.

You have to prove yourself… prove that you are the most committed and capable.  

You stay absorbed in your work, head down outworking everyone else on your team.

While you may be working hard, you may not be working smart…as it relates to managing your career.

Your biggest mistake?

You’re almost exclusively focused on ‘the work’.

Yet, when leaders make promotion decisions, that’s not the primary deciding factor.

You go through your career checking the boxes…. if you go get this experience, if you achieve these outcomes, you’ll be in line for the next role.

But, what typically happens is that the rules change…there are other skills and experiences that you don’t have that you’re told you need…. the bar moves.

In the interviews for my book, FuelForward: Discover Proven Practices to Fuel Your Career Forward, Ralph de Chabert, Chief Diversity Officer for Brown-Forman Corporation shared this perspective: “We continue to struggle with the notion of merit, wanting to believe that’s real. And we want folks to believe that positions are earned through dint of sheer effort, i.e., people grow in an organization because they were rewarded solely for the results achieved through their hard work – I got this position because I earned it.”

What seems so unfair is that when you look at others around you who are landing those promotions, they are no more qualified or capable than you.

Can it simply be that your face doesn’t fit?

Or, is there more to it…

What’s the difference?

What are they doing differently?

What do you need to do differently to achieve your full potential  as an “up and coming” leaderand breathe new life into your career?

And if you’re serious about taking action and taking back control of your career…

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Stuck in your career?

When was the last time you were facing a crossroads in your career? Probably not that long ago. You may be facing one right now. You’re at a point where you have some decisions to make about the course your career will take.

 Are you in a dead-end job? Have you found yourself with seemingly nowhere to move in the company?  Did someone else get the promotion you had hoped for?  Do you work in a toxic environment? Do you have a ‘terrible’ boss?

Whichever situation you’re in, it can be stressful, frustrating, and suck the energy out of you until you work through it.

Being at a crossroads can feel like you’re at a busy intersection trying to figure out what to do…You’re at a point where you’ve got to make a turn. The decisions and timing of your decisions can be critical to whether you get through this successfully. A GPS would be helpful about now.

Like some of the professionals who reach out to me in my coaching practice, you may be at your wits end. You feel stuck and are not sure how to change your situation. You may be afraid of making a wrong decision. You may risk burning bridges because your emotions get in the way.  You may believe that “it will all work out” or that your boss or HR will be ‘looking out for you.’

You’re getting a lot of different advice from all the people you reach out to. So, whose advice is right? Now, you find yourself with even more possible paths at your crossroads than you came into this with. It can be even more confusing.

Want to stop pulling your hair out, or shutting down and deciding not to do anything?

Download Your Career Crossroads GPS for guidance on how to take intentional, proven steps to move FORWARD, getting you on a much clearer route that’s right for you.